Nathalie Luisoni
Nathalie Luisoni

Nathalie Luisoni

  • Certified Midwife HES "Bon secours"
  •  Instruction Practitioner HedS (applied health sciences school)
  • CMP "connaissance et maîtrise du périnée" (pelvic floor knowledge and mastery)
  • Acupuncture therapist, graduated in Traditional Chinese Medecine Institute Huaxia, Geneva and Guilin (China).

Swiss by marriage, I was born in Niger and from France-Benin origin. Having spent my youth in Africa and lived in Cental America for a couple of years, I've been living in Geneva for over twenty years and studied health science studies in midwifery here.
Mommy of 4 magnificent boys, I firmly believe in the power of women to give birth naturally.
Along with continuing further education and training in the field of obstetrics, I did additional training to allow me to fully respond to the needs and expectations of future mothers.

My professional practice is based on several fundamental principles:

  • Providing psychological support to the mother-to-be and couple, allowing them to live well and be confident about the processes of birth, and facilitating the ability of each one to find his own ressources.
  • Providing personalized global support to the mother-to-be, which includes: prevention advice and pregnancy consultations, professional assistance and support during birth, and care and advice for the mother, baby and couple in the period following the birth.

With the aim of providing an ideal place for these services and in order to meet the demand of parents, I established the Birthing Center "Dix Lunes" in 2009:

  • A welcoming and pleasant environment
  • A place and equipments to favor natural birth
  • Excellent accommodation conditions for a post natal stay

Every birth is a unique experience, therefore, Dix Lunes Birth Center is a place that welcomes women and couples who want to see their child born naturally and safely, following the principles of physiology, into an intimate, warm and calming environment.

Dix lunes