The Birthing center

The Birthing Center

Birthing Centers are independent healt and birth facilities, managed exclusively by midwifes. They provide a valid alternative to maternity wards in hospitals and clinics, and enable to give birth outside of the traditional medical environment. They enable and aim towards to most natural birth.

Birthing Centers allow you to configure your surroundings actively according to your desires. Freedom of movement and choice of various positions are elated, watherbirth is possible, it is up to you to choose your preferred music or fragrance…

The transition into motherhood is an important time in the life of a woman. At Dix Lunes, we place emphasis on enabling each woman to give birth her own way finding and using her own strenghts. We are working towards transmitting the sense of confidence in the ability of giving birth and welcoming the child into the family.

In order to meet the demand of numerous parents, the birth center Dix Lunes is located in Puplinge, in the Geneva countryside, and provides an opportunity of a post-partum stay for the new family. It opened in 2009, and it's Geneva's first birth center.

We would like to cordially invite you to visit Dix Lunes. Tours are organized each first saturday of the month at 10 am, upon registration in advance by calling or texting +41 79 744 74 84 (voicemail activated), or via email form

Midwifes of Dix Lunes take care of the women and couples throughout the entire perinatal period. Beside thes pecialised one-to-one care, which means each woman/couple is accompanied by the samde midwife for the entirety of pregnancy, throughout labour and natural birth and also during the postpartum period, their practice is based on several fundamental principles:

  • Providing professional and personalized care and support to the mother-to-be and couple, allowing them to be confident about the processes of birth and experience it as something positive.
  • Providing global support to the mother-to-be, which includes: prevention advice and pregnancy consultations, professional assistance and support during birth, and care and advice for the mother, baby and couple in the period following the birth.
  • Facilitating and stimulation of natural physiological processes in order to resort to medical and technical interventions only when required. Identify, anticipate and manage possible complications.
  • In case of need, guarantee quick and efficient transfer to other competent health care professionals (e.g. ambulance, hospital).

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