what about the cost?

What about the costs?

With the exception of eventual hospitality fees and the fee for on-call duty of your midwive, the costs for follow-up your pregnancy and birth at Dix Lunes (or at home) are entirely covered by the Swiss public Health Insurance LAMal without retention and deductible. According to LAMal, midwives are authorized to follow and monitor normal pregnancies after a first visit / check-up done by a gynecologist, as from the 13th week of pregnancy, and until 8 weeks after delivery.

Since march 2014, women do not have to pay any part of the costs for medical treatments during this period which can be extended until the end of breastfeeding time.

Pregnancy check ups:
  • 7 consultations with the midwife
  • 2 ultrasounds or 3 if needed
100% covered by public health insurance
Attendance to birthing center delivery
  • "Dix Lunes" à Genève.
  • "La Grange Rouge" à Grens (Vaud)
100% covered by publc health insurance
Home birth or Partial labor at home with later transfer to hospital

100% covered by public health insurance
Post-partum care at your home:
After delivery at home, at the birthing center, in a hospital / clinic, 10 to 16 (upon conditions) visits until 8 weeks after delivery
100% covered by public health insurance
Assistance in high-risk pregnancy upon medical prescription 100% covered by public health insurance
Birth preparation class CHF 150.- are reimbursed by public health insurance on the total cost of CHF 350.-, more if you suscribed additional specific insurance
Breastfeeding counseling 3h consultations covered 100% by public health insurance until the end of the breastfeeding time
Stand-by fees
Your midwife will make herself available for you 24/24 and 7/7 from week 37 to 41 plus 5 days
CHF 350.-

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