Particularities of our Birth Center - Dix Lunes

At Dix Lunes, we accompany each couple with global one-to-one care, which means care is provided by the same midwife for the entirety of pregnancy, throughout preparation, labour and birth, and also during the postpartum period. You can find further information on each of this stages on the page our offer.

Offering a welcoming and tailored setting and providing attentive personalized professional care to the parents who are preparing to soon welcome their child, is also giving, giving the sense of attentive listening, giving the sense of responsability, the sense of life, of parenting bonds which gently or intensely establish and blossom.

Continuingly fostered mutual trust and aquaintance throughout the weeks of antenatal check-up's and other other means of exchanges, are also contributing to increased safety. By taking the time to talk and to listen, a lot of discomfort can be relieved by preventive advice. During labor and birth, serenity allows secretion of hormones directly influencing the well-being of mother and baby.

During childbirth, serenity enables the release of a magnificent hormonal cocktail which directly influences the mother’s and baby’s well-being, as well as the physiological birth process. Dr. Michel Odent, the great obstetrician and specialist in natural birth, has highlighted the importance of a serene and safe environment throughout childbirth, which helps to promote the release of the famous and beautiful "love cocktail", which is secreted by the woman and her entourage (spouse, midwife, companion...) during the birth of a baby and which can only occur if the environment is suitable: a pleasantly warm room, few lights, little words and the presence of quiet and benevolent people.Birthing Centers allow you to configure your surroundings actively according to your desires.Thus, you can be accompanied by the person(s) of your choice. Your partner is encouraged to participate to the birthing process and to share the days and nights after birth with his new family.
Freedom of movement and choice of various positions are elated, watherbirth is possible, it is up to you to choose your preferred music or fragrance… ?The birthing center is yours during your stay.

To replenish your energy, a home-made meal will be served to you after delivery. For security reasons, it is important that mother and baby stay at the birthing center for at least 4 hours after delivery, or during the first night if birth happened late in the day. Afterwards, it is up to you to choose between returning to your home or enjoying a post-partum stay of one or several days at the birthing center.

Once back in your own home, your mifwife will come to see you in order to support you during the first days, and up to week 8 after birth. She will monitor recovery of the mother as well as the baby's health, she will help you with breastfeeding and assist with setting the new family dynamic.

To form your proper opinion, we would like to cordially invite you to visit Dix Lunes. Visits are organized each first saturday of the month at 10 am, upon previous registration on 079 744 74 84 (answer machine).

It is normal to wonder about safety at Dix Lunes. You can find numerous answers in this matter in our « FAQ ».

Check-up's and courses take place in Centre Santé Energie, located in Geneva City, in Eaux-Vives quarter.


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