What are the main differences with a clinic / hospital?

The differences are at three levels: the surroundings, the care given by the personnel and the work philosophy.
Surroundings are similar to home. Indeed, there is no visible medical equipement (it becomes apparent only when needed), the facility does not look like a hospital but rather a vacation home, you are like "at home".  Intimacy is totally guaranteed, as only one couple at a time is present in the birth center. The father can stay with his partner and baby, day and night and we encourage him to take a significant position.
Global follow-up being one of our priorities at Dix Lunes, there is no shift change. The same mifwife who accompanied you trough pregnancy will be there for you delivery, and you will only be in contact with people you have an established mutual trust on D-Day. They will allready know your wishes, sensitivities and preferences.
Last but not least, our approach to birth is clearly different : we understand birth as a natural process, of which women are capable. We support and encourage the women by fostering confidence, and intervene only when necessary, favoring gentle methods (warmth, water, acupuncture, phytotherapy, massage, TENS...). We work mainly in prevention in order to enable natural birth, the most gentle and medication-free possible, whilst relying on tailored precise protocols. We follow each woman's and baby's natural rythm.

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