Your midwife will remain by your side and support you until birth and beyond. We will leave no stone unturned to follow your wishes and desires for this exceptional moment.
She will guide you with advice and will invite you to adopt positions to favor the baby’s engagement and birth. A balloon, cushions and hanging scarves will allow you to move around and give free rein to needs dictated by the body. Childbirth positions are free and encouraged. The maya chair can be used if needed and water birth is possible.

After the birth, the midwife will conduct the usual medical examinations and will take care of the mother’s and baby’s comfort as well as assist with the first breastfeeding.

Parents have the possibility to stay one or several nights at the birthing center, depending of their wish. Their midwife will assure continued care.

Even tough in the overwhelming majority of cases, everything happens the best way possible, it is possible that a transfer to the University Hospital of Geneva (HUG) becomes necessary during birth. Reasons are various and can be medical or for comfort. The decision, made in consultation with the woman/couple is the ultimate responsibility of the midwife. Transfers are usually done in private cars, but in case of emergency, by ambulance. You can find more on this matter in our FAQ.


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