Other courses and services

Other courses and services

To complete our services, you can also take advantage of additional courses and services which are aimed at parental well-being and fulfillment

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Recognized as the science of affectivity, haptonomy can be practiced toward the 4th month of pregnancy. By gently pressing on the mother’s belly, the father learns to enter into a relationship with the baby who will respond to these invitations throughout the sessions which are guided by the practitioner. The purpose is to create and build a strong and intense emotional bond between the mother, father and their little baby by touching. Haptonomy promotes the feeling of internal safety.

  •     Laure Périnel 0033 6 78 62 30 03



During pregnancy, the practice of Pilates corrects and improves posture by firming and toning the muscles of the abdomen, buttocks, pelvis and back and thus allow for the whole body’s good maintenance. It also helps to improve posture and provides a feeling of well-being through a specific breathing technique. The body is therefore maintained and strengthened in order to better respond to changes throughout the pregnancy.

  •     Mélina De La Marlière 078 634 41 16



Already during pregnancy, the focus is on relaxation, the role of the pelvis and awareness of the perineal area. Training the legs which bear the top of the body and support the pelvis is essential for the ""marathon"" that represents childbirth. Training the breathing, which is based on the yoga movement, allows for the oxygenation of the muscles and tissues.

After the birth, the post-natal course enables the young mother to get back into shape after childbirth. Our method with baby gently reworks the abdominal belt and pelvic girdle which makes this a unique moment with your newborn. The course can be taken with baby as early as 8 weeks after the birth.

  •     Devika Coles 078 909 13 76


Sign Language

Children are able to communicate by gestures well before they can communicate orally. The use of signs from French Sign Language allows “pre-verbal”children to quickly dispose of a wide vocabulary to express themselves and be better understood by their entourage until they are able to speak.

  •     Rachel Hayoz 079 735 47 91


Baby Massage

Touch is the first sense that develops in utero and is the last one to go at the time of death.
Skin is the largest organ. Dr. Ashley Montagu, the famous anthropologist, wrote:"Human beings cannot survive without touch. It is a fundamental need. " Thanks to healthy touching, the human baby not only survives but blossoms. The baby massage positively influences the bond of attachment because it includes visual contact, touch, hearing, smell, synchronicity, breastfeeding or bottle feeding and hormones.

  •     Laure Périnel 0033 6 78 62 30 03



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