Pregnancy consultations

Pregnancy consultations

Midwives are able to monitor pregnancies provided that they are normal and do not present any kind of pathology for the mother or the baby, even for those who do not necessarily want to give birth outside the hospital.

Since March 1, 2014, maternity fees are fully covered by the basic insurance without any participation or premium. If a problem occurs during the pregnancy, the midwife will report it to your gynecologist and can intervene afterwards with a medical order from the latter for as long as the problem persists.

In the office, the midwife will see you for monthly pregnancy examinations, including blood tests. These regular appointments will also be the opportunity to become better acquainted, build trust through exchanges, get the partner involved and help you build your birth project.

We take both the physical and the emotional aspects into account. It is important to listen, answer questions and reassure as much as necessary.

According to the LAMal health insurance, 7 pregnancy examinations and 2 ultrasound examinations are reimbursed. If indicated - in the event of a doubt on the baby’s position or on well-being - one or several additional ultrasound examinations may be recommended. Ultrasound examinations are carried out in specialized centers.

Prevention is one of the major focuses of the midwifery practice. Thanks to expert and customized advice, many of the ills due to the transformation of the future mother’s body during this period can be prevented and relieved.

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