You are looking for a place in Geneva to safely, gently and confortably bring your baby into this world, in an intimate and serene setting?

Each birth is unique. Therefore, Dix Lunes is a unique place welcoming couples whishing to see their baby born in a secure environment, taking into account and respecting the physiology of both mother and baby, in an intimate, loving and soothing atmosphere.

Offering a welcoming and tailored setting and providing attentive personalized professional care to the parents who are preparing to soon welcome their child, is also giving; giving the sense of attentive listening, giving the sense of responsability, the sense of life, of parenting bonds which gently or intensely establish and blossom.

Latest news

Midwifery practice Dix Lunes just has moved! You can now find us at the "Centre de Santé" in rue Viollier 2, 1207 Genève.
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