Elegibility for Birth Center "Dix Lunes"

+ What conditions need to be met to be able to give birth in Dix Lunes Birthing Center?

Women wanting to give birth at Dix Lunes need to be available for a follow-up by one of the affiliated midwives from the birthing center. Follow-up must start earliest at the 13th week, but no later than in week 28 of pregnancy.
Prenatal follow-ups are required to confirm the good health of the pregnant woman and her baby, which is mandatory for a birth in a birthing center.
There can be only one baby, and baby needs to be head-down at the moment of birth.
The woman needs to be at least at 37 weeks of pregnancy when she is going into labor.
Primiparous (being pregnant for the first time) are eligible just as are women who have given birth before.

+ Are there any exclusion criteria?

In accordance with the recommendations of the Swiss Birthing Center Association IGGH, women who have had a c-section previously are unfortunately not eligible.
Women presenting certain medical conditions in pregnancy are excluded from giving birth at Dix Lunes: this is the case in particular for multiple pregnancies (twins or more), high blood pressure, preeclampsia / gestosis, gestational diabetes, certains positions of the baby in the womb, or problematic placenta anomalies.