What about safety in Dix Lunes birth center?

+ Is giving birth a Birthing Center as safe as in a hospital?

Absolutely. Various studies show this fact: less interventions and less participants are resulting in safer labour and delivery for women with a normal pregnancy and assumably normal birth (and only these women are admitted to the birth center). The babies also show better health in birthing centers than at the hospital, they are two times less often transferred to NICU.
This surprising situations is due to miscellaneous reasons; some of it is explained by the fact that birth centers allow mothers to take their time, supportive attendance instead of interventions, not trying to dominate a physiological process, freedom of movement, a non-scary environment which is inspiring serenity and therefore, makes the mother release much less stress hormones...
Some souces: http://www.nice.org.uk/guidance/cg190 or also the Dr Borel study done in french-speaking Switzerland http://www.espritsagefemme.ch/wa_files/ETUDE_20BOREL.pdf.

+ What do you do if complications arise?

At Dix Lunes, as in all Swiss Birth Centers, we admit only women, whose pregnancies show all indications of the ability to give birth perfectly smooth. Correspondingly, the rate of births needing medical intervention in a hospital is extremely low at Dix Lunes. the transfer rate is about 10 to 15%, varying slightly from year to year. This is equivalent to the average of birthing centers in Switzerland.
As complications are almost never appearing all of a sudden, but give notice by various prediction indications, the midwife has enough time at hand to organize disposition accordingly. Incidentally, the majority of these transfers is done without urgency in the majority of situations, using your own personal vehicule, but if required by the situation, we call for an ambulance.

+ What can cause the need to transfer to a hospital unit?

Fatigue, labour that stalled for too long, labor which does not start for too long after the water's broken, an unfavorable position of the baby, wish to get an epidural, baby struggling to sustain contractions, heavy bleeding, retention of the placenta, required monitoring of the baby in NICU surveillance.

+ In case a transfer is required, is there an ambulance within striking distance?

We ask women and couples coming to Dix Lunes, to have a vehicule at hand in front of the birthing center during labor and delivery. In the vast majority of cases, the transfer is done without urgency in the majority of situations, using your own personal vehicule. If needed, ambulances are positioned 5 minutes from the birth center.

+ And what if the baby needs to be revitalized?

We have all the required reanimation material at hand (ventilation mask, oxygen, ...) and we undergo frequent continuing training.

+ What are you doing in case of hemorrhage?

This severe complication is particularely sparse in natural births. It arises mainly in induced labor, and in labor where contractions where intensified using medication, as well as in births using instrumentation such as forceps and vacuum. Nevertheless, we take this probability very seriousely due to its worrying nature. It is the main reason why we are asking you to stay for observation during the first couple of hours after birth. If needed, we dispose of appropriate emergency medication and organize a transfer to hospital.

+ My OB / gynecologist advises me against birthing centers.

Birthing centers are still not well known and recognized for their work and common public interest in the health sector, even though there are 21 of it in Switzerland and they are approved by the Swiss Health Insurance LAMal since 2004. Over 1400 children are born within these structures each year, and their number is constantly increasing.
Numerous gynecologists are sceptical and think that birth can happen safely only in a hospital, and do not understand that midwifery training nowadays is high quality education instructed at ambitious "Hautes Ecoles de Santé" (superior schools of health), and therefore this profession has nothing to do with the matrones in the past, who passed over their skills from mother to daughter.
Some Birthing Centers figure even on the hospital list and are therefore considered as a hospital facility! This is not the case for Dix Lunes and many other facilities, as this requires very important administrative investments, which are too heavy to bear for such small structures.

+ Who will accompany me when I am transferred to a hospital?

In case the transfer is done in your personal vehicule, it will be your partner / your entourage who will drive to the hospital. Your midwife will follow you, she will be present during admission to hospital and hand over to the hospital team. In case of an ambulance transfer, the person accompanying you will have to drive to the hospital in his own vehicule, as the woman will be in the ambulance with the midwife. Your midwife will back out after handing over the medical record to the care team.