Some pictures taken at Birthing Center Dix Lunes

The house

overview of the terrace interior - living room bedroom with baby cot terrace of the birthing center exterior interior - dining room exterior - garden detail Bath tub for labor and birth - waterbirth Breakfast in the garden birth announcements part of the medical material, stowed out of sight /></a>
		<a class=Une bibliothèque à votre disposition garden and access path the ground here is fertile... relaxation on the terrace wind creates a gentle melody garden detail changing tabe with heating device and soft light alternative medecine baby bed adjacent to the parents bed room for birthing (and post-partum stay), equipped with suspension lianas pearls given by parents, each symbolizing the birth of their child a kitchen for you tu use Birthing tub for labor and delivery, with liana Tea in the living room of the birthing cebter birth announcements from parents private bathroom in Dix Lunes birthing center

Birth and post-partum stay

Discovery First wake-up Rest Relaxation Presence Support Listening to baby Freedom of movement for natural birth let pass through the contractions First gazes Moment of grace Consecration Peaceful Intensity Happyness Tenderness and trust affection and comfort

Check-up's and consultations

family pregnancy checkup the older sibling is involved how big he has become prevention massage pregnancy check up with sister gently listening to baby interior of the midwifery cabinet in eaux vives feel baby's position midwifery cabinet in eaux vives - exterior