Prenatal Check-up's

Midwaves are entitled to care for pregnancies, as long as they are evolving normally and do not show any pathology for mother or baby.
Since march 2014, costs are entirely covered by Swiss public Health Insurance LAMal without retention and deductible. If complications arise during pregnancy, the midwife can intervene upon medical advice.

In the cabinet located in Eaux-Vives, youmeet your midwife for monthly prenatal checkups, including blood tests. These appointments are also the opportunity to get to know eacht other well, forster trust through dialogue and interaction, involve the partner and help you defining further your wishes.
We take equally into account both physical and emotional aspects. It is important to us to be attentively and carefully listening, to answer and reassure as much as needed.

According to Swiss Health Insurance LAMal, 6 antenatal checkups and 2 ultrasounds are reimbursed. If there is an indication - as for example regarding the position of the baby or his well-being - one or several additional ultrasounds can be recommended. Ultrasounds are performed in specialized centers.

Prevention is one of the key working philosophies of midwives. Thanks to the specialized and individual care you receive, we can prevent and treat many common pregnancy ailments; discomfort which is caused by the transformation the mother's body and mind are undergoing throughout the perinatal period.