After birth (post-partum visits)

The days following birth are often tumultous. Hormonal changes, the new family situation, recovery from the birth effort, seeing your everyday rythm turned upside down, as well as experiencing all these very new situations, are requiring an important ajustment. We are committed to support and accompany you through this moments.

The midwife will come to your house during the first weeks. Frequence of these visits will be subject to conversation and adapted to your personal needs, in order to support you in the best possible way to help you finding your own way of doing.

During the visits, the midwive will ensure physical and emotional well-being of the mother and the family, and watch the health of the newborn baby. She will provide care and help you with breastfeeding.
Friendly caring, we will support you in these moments by taking the time to discover in confidence your own ressources, whilst answering precisely any interrogation you might bring up.

Between 10 and 16 visits are expected; the latter under certain conditions (first child, c-section, birth of multiples, premature birth...). Those visits are entirely covered by Swiss Health Insurance LAMal until 8 weeks after delivery. Additional consultations can take place upon medical advice, when the situation calls for it.

According to Swiss Health Insurance, 3 breastfeeding consultations can be provided during the whole breastfeeding period and until the 2nd birthday of the child. These consultations offer valuable support during this period for breastfeeding, nursing, but also for a partial or complete weaning.